Individuals and families regularly involved in mission abroad

Andrew & Irene Juliff


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Andy and Irene Juliff and their son Benjamin have been working for OM Ships for over fifteen years. Andy is from Cardiff, and Irene is Swiss. They have worked on board the Ships, and are at present working at the Head Office in Mosbach Germany. Andy leads the team of around 50 people, and Irene works there in Personnel. OM presently has one Ship called the Logos Hope that sees close to a million people visiting a year. The goal of OM Ships is to bring knowledge, Help and Hope to the Peoples
Juliff family
of the world. There are currently around 600 people working within OM ships, and over 6000 people working within the wider movement of OM in over 110 countries.


Jason & Rachel Lane

Lane family A number of years ago, Jason and Rachel believed the Lord was calling them into an evangelistic ministry amongst students. Initially they were working with the International Federation of Evangelical Students (IFES) which took them into many parts of Eastern Europe and Siberia where they have been greatly used in spreading the gospel and encouraging Christian students in those parts of the world. Together they have helped set up ‘Innovista’, a ministry with similar aims to IFES, and based in Oxford, UK.

Innovista identifies and develops young Christian leaders in Europe and Eurasia who are taking the gospel relevantly to those around them. Innovista prioritisesleaders who are pioneering new ministries, and prioritises places where mission is under resourced.
The young leaders Innovista trains are involved in a wide range of mission including church planting, youth ministry, and community transformation. Most of these young leaders are in their twenties, with a lifetime of service ahead of them.